Outstanding Women of Color in Education Award

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Outstanding Women of Color in Education Award

We are accepting nominations for the Outstanding Women of Color Award from UW-Whitewater. If you would like to nominate an individual who has made outstanding contributions to diversity and women's studies at UW-Whitewater, please submit a one-page summary of the honoree's contributions, an electronic photograph, and honoree information form to Elizabeth Ogunsola, Office of Affirmative Action & Diversity, Hyer 339, electronically to, by 4 p.m. Friday, Feb. 22. Please contact Elizabeth for a copy of the honoree information form. Please see selection criteria under more information.



More Information

Selected honorees maybe from any one of these categories: UW-Whitewater faculty, staff, student or community member who has made such contributions.

Selection Criteria:

• Women of color who have worked in the areas of women’s studies scholarship and activism, especially as they have served to improve the status and climate for women, particularly women of color.
• Women of color who have advocated for women, particularly women of color.
• Women of color who have consistently demonstrated their ability to rally diverse forces together to advance the agenda of women, particularly that of women of color.
• Women of color who have created positive changes at the institutional level, i.e., curriculum development and infusion, receiving grants, and mentoring women.
• Women of color who have demonstrated an understanding of the interplay of family and community and culture in the lives of women of color.

More information can also be found on the Women’s Studies Consortium website.

The following link is to the WOCCFP Nomination Letter 2013.

The 18th Annual Outstanding Women of Color in Education Award Ceremony and Reception is Saturday, Oct. 19, at UW-Madison.

• Past UW-Whitewater Women of Color Recipients

2012 Marijuana Sawyer-Clardy
2011 Aneneosa Okocha
2010 Linda Holmes
2009 Nomsa Gwalla-Ogisi
2008 Shirley W. Butler & Joy Yang
2007 Pilar Melero
2006 Han Ngo
2004/5 Maria G. Castillo
2003 Geneva Cobb Moore
2002 Deborah C. Bowen
2001 Nelia Olivencia
2000 Samantha Samreth
1999 Graciela Colin-Dealca
1998 Freda Briscoe
1998 Angela Moore
1998 May See Yang
1997 Wanda Martin-Terry
1996 Nelia Olivencia
1995 Elizabeth Ogunsola


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