Important message from Gov. Walker regarding pay increase

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Important message from Gov. Walker regarding pay increase

Yesterday afternoon, Gov. Walker's office asked that the information included in the long description below be communicated with all state employees.


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Good afternoon,

Because we made tough, but prudent, decisions over the last two years, we are now able to invest in our priorities. This includes an investment in you.

Our budget contains funding for general wage adjustments, as well as hourly adjustments for 220 job classifications, to better match the labor market. Those wage increases passed the Legislature and are now on their way to the Joint Committee on Employment Relations (JCOER). JCOER takes the final vote tomorrow on the 2013-15 Compensation Plan, which specifies the salary and overtime that state employees are eligible to receive based upon their role with the State.

The 2013-2015 Compensation Plan includes:

A 1% pay increase in fiscal year 2014 for eligible state employees and a second 1% pay increase in fiscal year 2015 for eligible state employees. This is the first general wage adjustment since 2008.

In addition to the 1% increase per fiscal year, any employee making less than $15 per hour will receive up to a $0.25 increase in hourly wages in fiscal year 2014. Employees who make $14.75 or less will receive an additional quarter per hour. Employees making between $14.76-$14.99 per hour will receive the difference to bring them to $15 per hour.

Market increases in fiscal year 2015 for eligible employees in 220 specified job classifications, such as IT positions, nurses, and forensic experts.

If our plan passes JCOER tomorrow, the pay increase will take effect in your July 25th paycheck. I encourage you to talk with your agency’s Human Resources director, if you have any questions about the compensation plan. The Office of State Employment Relations (OSER) will post the plan on its website – you can click on “Compensation Plan Toolkit” to see the materials.

On behalf of the State of Wisconsin, I thank you for your continued hard work and professionalism. Your efforts help improve the lives of our citizens and make our state a better place to live. Together, we’re moving Wisconsin forward.


Scott Walker
Governor of Wisconsin


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