New Academic Advising Report (AAR)

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New Academic Advising Report (AAR)

UW-Whitewater now has a new Academic Advising Report (AAR) available in WINS. The transition from the AR to the AAR was completed yesterday afternoon and here are a few benefits of this transition:

•The new AAR has an option to print in a .pdf format, which eliminates the need to copy and paste the AR into Word to print.
•The online AAR is easier to read than the online AR. Not only is the font larger but the requirement groups can be collapsed or expanded.
•Course completion on the online format is indicated by a large green check mark to the right of the course.
•Requirement group fulfillment and/or the final course(s) are in progress before fulfillment are indicated by collapsing in the online format and unbolding in the .pdf format.
•There is less navigation to get to the report.

For those who have access to academic advising reports in WINS, information on how to navigate to AARs can be found at the WINS How-To page. Based on your primary role in WINS you can select either INSTRUCTOR & ADVISOR or DEPARTMENT. The AAR guide is listed as **NEW**.

Anyone wishing to participate in a hands-on overview training session can enroll at


Hare, M Jodi

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