EMAIL ALERT: Beware of suspicious emails

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EMAIL ALERT: Beware of suspicious emails

Recently several UW system accounts have been the target of a malicious email virus. Recipients receive an email instructing them to open a .zip and .exe email attachment. Once the recipient opens the attachment, a virus is activated and encrypts all of the recipient’s files and files the recipient has access to, and demands ransom to unencrypt the files. Unfortunately, once the files are encrypted there is no way for UW System institutions to unencrypt the files.

UW-Whitewater has not been one of the targets, but you need to beware of any suspicious emails. For tips on spotting suspicious emails, please see

For additional tips, please visit the link below.



More Information

NEVER open any .zip or .exe email attachments or links from an untrusted source. Cyber criminals are very savvy and can look like a legitimate email account. If you receive a suspicious email that is asking you to open an attachment or link, you can always check the legitimacy of the account by forwarding the email to or

ALWAYS BACK UP YOUR FILES. Be sure to save your files to a network location. Take advantage of Google Drive. For more information on Google Drive visit - UW-Whitewater employees – take advantage of network drives. Visit for more information.

Visit the IT Security Booth Oct. 21-23 from 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. in the University Center. There you can get helpful security tips and giveaways, info on free anti-virus software, check your security settings on your mobile device(s), and test your security IQ to be entered to win a prize sponsored by Symantec.

For more information on IT Security visit


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