PHISHING ALERT - Fraudulent Messages Soliciting Part Time Work

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PHISHING ALERT - Fraudulent Messages Soliciting Part Time Work

Recently, we have been made aware of a number of phishing emails targeted at UW-Whitewater email addresses looking for a “Business Assistant” or inquiring if you would like to make extra money working from home. DO NOT REPLY TO THESE MESSAGES! They are a scam. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

What to do if you received this phishing message:
Do not provide any information to the source and delete the message immediately.

If you have provided any personal information in response to these messages please contact UW-Whitewater Campus Police at 262-472-4660.

If you believe you received a questionable email, but are not certain contact the TSC Help Desk at or IT Security at

These messages can look very official, but don't be fooled. Always remember - NEVER DISCLOSE PERSONAL INFORMATION WHEN YOU HAVE NOT INITIATED CONTACT WITH THE INSTITUTION. For additional information from the Federal Trade Commission on how not to get hooked by a phishing scam visit



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