December 2016 Unclassified Leave Report

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December 2016 Unclassified Leave Report

You may now enter your online unclassified leave report for the month of DECEMBER. If entering “No Leave Taken,” please use 12/01/2016 as both the START and END dates of your entry.

Please submit your online DECEMBER report by Thursday, Jan. 12. Supervisors, please approve electronic submissions by Tuesday, Jan. 17, and check back frequently for new entries needing approval. All unclassified employees who earn sick leave are required to submit monthly leave reports, even if no leave is used. Remember – leave reports are “missing” until they have been approved.

The link to the online instructions is:

When entering an absence, be sure to complete STEPS #16-27 of the instructions to correctly enter your leave hours. Full-time employees should report absences in 4-hour increments, based on the info below. Absences should be entered one day at a time, not by using a range of dates. The same date should be used for the start and end date for all entries.

Absent less than 2 hours: Report 0 hours of leave used.
Absent 2 hours to 6 hours: Report 4 hours of leave used.
Absent over 6 hours: Report 8 hours of leave used.
Part-time employees report actual hours missed (in 15-minute increments)


Brown, Reggie
Human Resources & Diversity

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