ETF's 2017 Financial Fitness Program

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ETF's 2017 Financial Fitness Program

Flex your financial muscles with ETF’s 2017 Financial Fitness Program, a free online financial education and awareness program available to all Wisconsin Retirement System members.

Want to create and work within a budget? Learn how to build emergency savings? Increase your retirement savings sources? Learn more about your benefits as a Wisconsin public employee?

The Financial Fitness Program is designed to help you take control and improve your financial health and wellness. This confidential and secure online program contains three steps:

- Take the Financial Fitness CHECKUP — assess your attitudes, knowledge and beliefs about money.
- Complete the free, online ACADEMY courses – go at your own pace over the course of a year.
- Receive free financial advice for a 30-day period – consult with a COACH about your personal financial goals, public employee benefits, and more.

You choose which steps to take and when. It’s easy and convenient.
Get started today:
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