Campus Wi-Fi Status Update

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Campus Wi-Fi Status Update

We are currently experiencing a technical issue with Apple devices connecting to “uww-wifi.” The issue is caused by the recent industry enhancement in device encryption (certificates). Different operating systems handle this change differently. While Windows devices alert the user, but allow to connect, Apple devices (laptops, iPads, iPhones) are not allowing the connection.

To address this problem, ICIT will speed up its initiative to streamline and improve campus wireless access, originally planned for late August. This initiative will replace the existing “uww-wifi” with a new network, “UWW.” Once enabled, everyone will be asked to connect to the new campus wireless network, which will address the certificate issue. An announcement with further details will be sent next week.

If you have an Apple device that isn’t able to connect to the campus wireless network and are needing an immediate fix, please visit for instructions on how to delete and reinstall the Apple certificates.

For any questions, please contact the TSC HelpDesk, (262) 472-4357,



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