September Online Leave Reports

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September Online Leave Reports

Faculty, Academic Staff, and Limited employees may now begin to enter leave reports for September, 2017. Please submit them online by Friday, Oct. 6, 2017.

Supervisors, please approve submissions by Friday, Oct. 13, and check back frequently for more submissions requiring approval. Leave reports are still considered “missing,” until they have been approved by the supervisor.

Tips and Reminders:
• If entering “No Leave Taken,” enter the first day of the calendar month for both the START and END dates of your entry; i.e. 09/01/2017-09/01/2017 for September, etc.
• Absences should be entered using the date of the absence; do not use date ranges.
• All Faculty/Academic Staff/Limited employees who earn sick leave are required to submit monthly leave reports, even if no leave is used.
• Nine-month employees who received pay during the Summer, must submit a PAPER leave report. Summer 2017 Leave Report

The link to the online instructions is: Online Instructions


To enter an absence, please use Steps # 16–27 of the instructions. Full-time employees report absences in four-hour increments, based on the notes below. Part-time employees report the actual number of hours absent from work, in quarter-hour increments.

Absent less than 2 hours = Report 0 hours leave used
Absent 2-6 hours = Report 4 hours leave used
Absent more than 6 hours = Report 8 hours leave used

If you have questions about any of this information, please contact your Payroll Coordinator.


Brown, Reggie
Human Resources & Diversity

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