Travel Reimbursement processing changes

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Travel Reimbursement processing changes

UW-Whitewater travelers,

UW System Administration has recently made a few new services available to the UW institutions. We are pleased to announce that UW System travel services will now be available to UW-Whitewater travelers and departments.

Please visit the link below for important information about these services.


Buske, Vonnie L
Financial Services

More Information

Travel Expense Reports (TER):
Beginning with reports submitted Monday, Nov. 13, all travel auditing tasks normally handled by UW-Whitewater Financial Services will be handled by UW System Administration staff. This will be transparent to you as travelers or approvers, and you should not notice any change as you enter your TERs or as you get your reimbursements. The rules for reimbursement remain unchanged. In the event there are any questions or issues in processing your TER, you will be contacted by a specialist at UWSA instead of UW-Whitewater. If you have questions about your submitted TER, you will be able to contact the UWSA travel auditors.

Travel Management Services:
Also, as of Nov. 6, our campus is served by a Regional Travel Manager with responsibility for customer questions and interpretation of UW System travel policies and procedures. This includes help with travel-related issues such as with Fox World Travel, the Concur self-booking tool, airlines, hotels, and car rental suppliers. The Regional Travel Manager, Alma Ramirez, will also work with campus to identify, communicate with, and train new employees on travel services, manage unused tickets, and provide consultation for group travel. She is a UW System employee, but will be serving UW-Extension, UW Colleges and UW-Whitewater in her regional role. If you have any questions related to travel, you can contact the Regional Travel Manager for Whitewater:
Alma Ramirez
Mobile: 414-345-7553
Office: 608-262-9735

Processes that will NOT be changing:
• Travel Authorization guidelines remain unchanged. You will need to enter your travel requests for department and/or supervisor approval. You can find the link to the procedures on the Travel Information Office website under “How to create a travel authorization”.
• Exception approvals – in the rare instance you need to request a Travel Exception, continue to follow the current process and attach those internal approvals to the expense report. You can find the link to the form and the policy on the Travel Information Office website under “Travel Exception Process.”

If you have questions about these changes, please contact your department’s campus business representative.

Thank you for your cooperation and support.


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