Operation of Utility Vehicle on Campus Sidewalks

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Operation of Utility Vehicle on Campus Sidewalks

As a reminder to the UW-Whitewater community, anyone who is operating a utility vehicle on university sidewalks needs to have a valid Driver’s License and a Utility Vehicle Operator’s License. You can obtain the Utility Vehicle Operator’s License by completing the “Utility Vehicle Training,” which consists of a short video, quiz and a Utility Vehicle Operator Form. A link to this website can be found at or the UW-Whitewater Police Department website

The Operator’s License card at the end of the quiz must be printed off and carried with the operator of any utility vehicle while they are operating on the UW-Whitewater campus. The Utility Vehicle Operator Rules must be reviewed annually by all employees who operate utility vehicles and the direct supervisor must keep a copy of the form on file.

All utility vehicles must also be clearly marked in accordance to the Rules of Operation. Just a reminder that the speed limit on sidewalks is 5 mph (speed of brisk walk) and there shall be no reckless driving.

Any violations of the rules of utility vehicles can be reported to Police Services at 262-472-4660 or Risk Management at 262-472-5723. If possible, provide the markings on the utility vehicle to Police Services or Risk Management.


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