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ETF On Campus

Attention any employee considering retirement within the next 12 months or any employee within 1 year of minimum retirement age (age 50 for protective categories or age 55 for general or teacher categories):

The Department of Employee Trust Funds will be at UW-Whitewater in Hyland Hall, room 1308 on Wednesday, June 27 to provide an overview of the retirement process and answer questions regarding your WRS retirement. Topics covered include but are not limited to: calculating a retirement pension, sorting through monthly annuity options, filling out retirement applications and beneficiary forms, possible annuity adjustments, life insurance and health insurance, returning to work, etc.

*** ENROLLMENT IS LIMITED. These are small group appointments; similar to individual appointments in Madison with the same information, presented professionally but also informally to allow for audience participation. Though these sessions are not mandatory, many of our participants recommend them as being very beneficial and helpful in navigating through the retirement process.

Contact Employee Trust Funds no later than Tuesday, June 19 to schedule an appointment for either the 10 a.m. or 2 p.m. session on June 27.

*** You must already have a retirement estimate to schedule an appointment for these sessions. If you do not currently have a retirement estimate, you may order one when you schedule your appointment. Other dates and area locations are available if UW-Whitewater on June 27 is not convenient for you.

*** Ordering an estimate or scheduling an appointment does not require you to retire. This can be for informational purposes only if that is all you need.



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