Fixed Furlough Dates for 2010 / 2011

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Fixed Furlough Dates for 2010 / 2011

The campus wide fixed furlough dates for 2010 / 2011 have bee established. Please read below for more information.


William Widen
Human Resources & Diversity

More Information

With the close of the 2009 / 2010 fiscal year, we wrap up the furlough reporting requirement for one year and begin again for the next. Furlough reporting for 2010 / 2011 will remain the same as for 2009 / 2010. As in the previous year, employees with 12 month contracts will have a total of eight furlough days to report; four of which are UWW campus wide (fixed) furlough days, and four of which are to be taken at the employee’s choice (floating) – with pre-approval by the supervisor. Employees on 9 month contracts will have six furlough days; three fixed days and three floating days. For the 2010 / 2011 fiscal year, the UWW fixed days are:

Fixed Furlough Dates – Fiscal Year 2010 / 2011

Friday August 20, 2010
Friday November 26, 2010
Monday December 27, 2010
Friday April 22, 2011

The December 27th date represents a slight change from the date first posted. Originally, we had targeted Thursday December 23rd; however, December 23rd is the final day of the term and the day that Fall Term 2010 grades are due into the Registrar’s Office. Consequently, we will fix Monday December 27th as a campus wide furlough day in lieu of the 23rd.

We realize that the services of some employees may be needed on fixed furlough dates. When this is the case, please contact your supervisor to initiate a furlough exception report. All furlough exceptions will substitute a floating date for the fixed date, must be substantiated by sound business reasons, and must be approved by the head of your division.


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