ZENworks Upgrade on Windows Workstations

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ZENworks Upgrade on Windows Workstations

ICIT will be upgrading ZENworks on campus Windows workstations this week. Classroom workstations will be upgraded this summer. Macintosh computers will not be impacted in this upgrade.

Leave your computer on overnight. This month, ICIT will distribute the upgrade between the hours of midnight - 2 a.m. If you do not leave your computer on, you will be prompted to reboot your computer TWICE.

No problem! Simply connect to the UW-Whitewater network via VPN to receive the upgrade. What is VPN? Go here to learn more -

What is ZENworks?
ZENworks is a Windows workstation management tool which enables effective deployment of computer software. You may notice in the system tray (lower left hand corner of the screen) a light blue ā€œZā€ box. Once the upgrade is complete there will be a blue/grey circle.

If you have questions regarding the ZENworks upgrade please contact the TSC Helpdesk at (262) 472-4357 or

Thank you for your cooperation in making our system enhancements go smoothly.



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